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Who are the sessions aimed at

People over 50 with emotional, thinking or behavioral disturbances

What symptoms can motivate a psychiatric consultation?

  • Emotional disturbances: depression, anxiety, irritability, etc.

  • Thought disorders: abnormal beliefs (possibly accompanied by hallucinations), thoughts of death, etc.

  • Behavior disorders: apathy, aggressiveness, restlessness, self-harm, abuse of alcohol or other substances, inability to perform daily tasks, greater dependence on family members, negativism, repetitive behaviors, behaviors without apparent purpose ...

What is the role of the psychiatrist in these cases?

  • Psychopathological exploration and diagnostic evaluation, taking into account all the factors that influence the presentation of symptoms (biological, psychological and social).

  • Evaluation of the most appropriate treatment, both pharmacological and non-pharmacological.

  • Psychoeducation and psychotherapeutic guidelines, for the patient and the family (with

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